What’s Happening:

Just shot a scene opposite Robert De Niro in ‘The Comedian’ (Taylor Hackford, dir); ‘Manhattan Nocturne’ (in which I have a scene opposite Adrien Brody) opens this May; recently guested on ‘I Love You But I Lied’ (Lifetime). Played Eleanor of Aquitaine in ‘The Lion In Winter;’ debuted as recurring character Dr. Jane in “Donny!” ( USA) and shot a scene opposite Hugh Dancy and Brian Stokes Mitchell in ‘The Path’ (Hulu). Played a diva teacher in the award-winning web series “Pants Role;” won Best Actress in the NY premiere of a wickedly funny John Boulanger play. And here’s the audio from a review of ‘Cover’ (Best Actress nom). Sal Bardo’s short film, ‘Pink Moon’ is garnering richly deserved raves.