What’s Happening:

Opened in ‘The Comedian‘ (with the opening line) in a scene opposite Robert De Niro (Taylor Hackford, dir). In LA now, about to work on a webseries ‘Edgar Lynch,’ and then to Hilton Head to do the play ‘The Clean House‘ (Sarah Ruhl). Other recent work: ‘The Viewing‘ at Access Theater. Shot a nice role (a Parisian living in Brooklyn) in ‘Can Hitler Happen Here?.’ Played lead in ‘Florinda’s Time,’ Stageplays Theater benefit. ‘Manhattan Nocturne’ (scene opposite Adrien Brody) has opened. Played Eleanor of Aquitaine in ‘The Lion In Winter;’ debuted as recurring character Dr. Jane in “Donny!” ( USA) and shot a scene opposite Hugh Dancy and Brian Stokes Mitchell in ‘The Path’ (Hulu). Played a diva teacher in the award-winning web series “Pants Role;” won Best Actress in the NY premiere of a wickedly funny John Boulanger play, ‘House of Several Stories.’ And here’s the audio from a review of ‘Cover’ (Best Actress nom).